Workplace Alcohol Drugs & Smoking Policy

Adaps fosters a workplace culture that supports healthy lifestyle choices, including safe alcohol consumption and is committed to continual improvement of safety performance, with an overall objective of eliminating work related injury and illness. We are committed to providing all workers, incorporating contractors and employees with a safe, productive and supportive environment in which to work, and we recognise that excessive drinking, being under the influence of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs and, smoking may have a negative influence on the health, work and social relationships its workers.

We expect all workers to behave in a professional manner and to treat each other with dignity and respect when they are at work. We encourage all workers who are affected by alcohol, drugs or smoking to discuss it with their Manager or, seek professional help.

Workers, incorporating contractors and employees who are found in breach of this policy, will be subject to disciplinary action. It will be seen as a serious matter and will be investigated in a timely manner, which may result in dismissal.


For many people, drinking alcohol is a social activity that is part of many social situations. While alcohol may not be readily available in the workplace, alcohol may be present at work-related functions or social occasions. Most people consume alcohol responsibly. However, one in eight adults’ drinks at level that is dangerous to their health.

Alcohol consumption that affects workers can occur in the workplace itself, in nearby locations, or through heavy consumption away from the workplace. Alcohol use can affect people’s ability to perform tasks safely and productively. It is recognised that alcohol related issues can affect anyone at work, and Adaps is committed to addressing these issues in a way that is supportive and fair to everyone.

Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed during work hours. All staff (including contractors) must have a 0.00 blood alcohol reading while working. This includes work on a client site.

Any staff member arriving to commence duties under the influence of alcohol will be sent home.

Alcohol shall only be consumed at designated times by approval of the Managing Director and only when the staff member is not returning to work.

Where alcohol is provided, it is not compulsory to consume it. To do so, is at your own risk. It is advised to drink in moderation and to ensure that you make appropriate arrangements for transportation afterwards.

In such cases where alcohol is provided at events all workers, incorporating contractors and employees must be aware that during these events:

  • You may be refused service of alcohol if you appear intoxicated
  • You may be asked to leave if your behaviour is inappropriate
  • You may be directed to take a taxi instead of your own transportation


Any worker, incorporating contractors and employees under the influence of a prescribed drug or medication, which may hinder their performance and as a result affect the safety of themselves or others, should report this to their manager prior to commencing work.

Consumption of, being in possession of or, being under the influence of non-prescribed drugs on the company premises or client site is strictly forbidden.

Any worker, incorporating contractors and employees arriving to commence duties under the influence of drugs will be sent home. Being under the influence of non-prescribed drugs or illegal substances may result in dismissal.


Because we recognize the hazards caused by exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, it shall be the policy of Adaps to provide a smoke-free environment for all employees and visitors. This policy covers the smoking of any tobacco product and the use of oral tobacco products or “spit” tobacco, and it applies to both workers, incorporating contractors and employees and non-employee visitors of Adaps.

Smoking is prohibited in all buildings. Smoking is prohibited within twenty metres of fire hazards and dangerous goods storage areas.

Smoking in open areas is only permitted during authorized work breaks and the location must be at least 20 feet from the main entrance of the building. Some client sites may have a specific designated area or, times for smoking and in some instances may not be permitted at all. While on a client site, the client’s smoking policy shall be adhered to. All materials used for smoking in this area, including cigarette butts and matches, will be extinguished and disposed of in appropriate containers.

Supervisors will discuss the issue of taking breaks with their staff, both smokers and non-smokers. Together they will develop effective solutions that do not interfere with the productivity of the staff.

Print Name: Anand Tatavarthi
Position: Chief Executive Officer

For Workplace Behaviour Procedures please contact one of the following:-

  • Internal Adaps Staff: Adaps Operations Manager
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