Terms and Conditions

Adaps looked at exorbitant client fees in the industry and chose to build its business on a new fee model that was directly aligned to the work that it performed.  This is why Adaps uses the following simple fee structure:-

Permanents: Clients pay a flat fee of the permanents’ gross annual salary

Contractors: Clients can choose between two options:

  • a percentage of the daily rate for the first twelve months then reduces to a daily rate.  OR
  • a percentage of the gross annual salary paid on contract commencement plus an ongoing low per-day admin fee for the length of the contract.

Adaps’ revolutionary business model and our guarantee ensures that you are working with a highly innovative, client focused group.

Which model do you choose?

We can show you how Adaps’ fee models rapidly save you money very early on.  The specific model you choose will depend on the contractor rate, length of contract and what works best with your business strategy.   For a more detailed explanation including our full terms and conditions, examples of our fee structure and the potential savings on offer, contact our Business Development Managers on 03 9867 1765 or 02 9253 4300


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