One of the most important steps of a project life cycle is to design engineering processes efficiently. Due to complex situations and project based globalization, any challenges posed can be dealt with in the optimum manner with diverse skills, accurate estimations and proper implementation.

Quality Engineering deals with the processes of Test Automation of Functional, Performance, Security and Web Services test cases. With the advent of Mobile Testing ad Web Services Testing, mobility is now a possibility. This makes it easier for businesses to continue their work while customers are on the go. In terms of specialization, PEGA and SAP testing are key at Adaps along with other specialty testing services and we provides efficient, on-time solutions.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.
There must be the will to produce a superior thing.
– John Ruskin

Test Automation

At ADAPs, we undertake the responsibility of automating testing tools which help in comparison of outcomes and running tests.

Functional Testing

Adaps ensures reduced risk, increased quality and better performance with our first class functionality testing.

Mobile Testing

It is the importance that makes mobile testing crucial in this virtual market. Leave it to Adaps to take care of the testing.

PEGA Testing

To counter the various regressive issues that come with this testing, Adaps uses various techniques such as frequent test running, mock ruling, etc.

Performance Testing

Testing of system performance is essential for a business. We makes cost-effective execution and implementation of performance testing.

Salesforce Testing

At Adaps, we each have our set of specialty teams that are trained in figuring out varied services surrounding salesforce testing and customisations.

SAP Testing

Adaps provides end-to-end solutions.We make sure to test every process within the SAP software to ensure it is working to the highest level of competency. We also assure complete coverage.

Security Testing

Adaps provides a wide range of services by auditing existing security, testing the initial practices, scanning the environment and making suitable suggestions for the business.

Web Services Testing

Web services refers to a wide range of software applications. We test web services for trust issues, problematic input parameters and unavailability of source code.