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Power BI developer

  • Power BI developer
  • Perth
  • 6 months

To establish a dashboard in Power BI to monitor a set of process and input conditions essential to setting up the shift to meet production targets.

  • Develop definitions and thresholds for winning conditions in consultation with site operations; amend the list of winning conditions, if required.
  • Feed Quality
  • Wait for Trucks
  • Essential Equipment Health
  • Control System Health
  • Operating Standby
  • Manning
  • Categorise variables, data sources and PLC tags for winning conditions and build PLCs tags if required (for e.g. Wait for Trucks).
  • Develop the list of essential equipment, valves and PIDs; validate and categorise the list into finite groups in consultation with site specialists.
  • Develop SQL queries for winning conditions, test the historian data and amend SQL queries, if required.
  • Design the dashboard in Power BI desktop, the forecast page in PowerApps in development environment, and test and validate with focus groups.
  • Publish Power BI dashboard to premium workspace in production environment, setup active directories, in-cloud groups and assign user access rights.
  • Validate the winning conditions data, evaluate the specification limits for relevance and develop standard escalation procedures and accountabilities.
  • Establish governance processes and clear accountabilities between OC control, pit production and plant processing teams around the winning conditions.
  • Build reports, dashboard and summaries for leadership teams to track the overall health of the plants across all sites Two existing Power BI dashboards have been developed for the pilot sites. As part of this scope, these should be further enhanced and deployed across the remaining sites.

How to apply:
Please apply using the link below or call Rams on 03 8506 6524 for further details. Applications closes based on the volume of applications received. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
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