Equal Employment Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Adaps recognises the value of individual differences and the importance of supporting these differences in the workplace. Diversity includes Equal Employment Opportunity but is much broader than that.

It is Adaps’ belief that focusing on diversity and inclusion is a necessity for the long-term viability of our business. We are committed to ensuring through all policies, practices and procedures a workplace free of unlawful discrimination or harassment and that all employees enjoy equal access to employment and, related opportunities and benefits.

Discrimination and harassment, as defined by the Federal and State legislation, is not only unlawful but is totally unacceptable within Adaps. Anyone found engaging in acts of this nature will face disciplinary procedures that could result in termination of employment.

As a recruitment company, we must focus our diversity and inclusion practices on 2 main areas – diversity of staff in our internal operations and diversity of staff in the contractors whom we submit to and place within our client organisations. This policy applies to all matters of employment including, but not limited to, recruitment, selection, placement, transfers, performance review, promotions, training and development, and separations. It also applies to all aspects of remuneration practices, benefits and all other conditions of employment within Adaps.


Our diversity and inclusion efforts will embrace, but not be limited to, diversity of:

  • Age
  • Family Responsibilities
  • Gender
  • Race, nationality, nation of origin or ethnicity
  • Socioeconomic background
  • Physical features and physical attractiveness
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Disability
  • Religious belief or lack of religion
  • Personality
  • Marital Status

Adaps objectives are to:

  • ensure all employees are treated fairly, equitably and with respect
  • have a work environment free from unlawful harassment, discrimination, bullying or workplace violence.
  • maintain the company’s values of integrity and caring
  • fully utilise and develop the skills, abilities and potential of every Adaps’ employee
  • keep all policies and procedures consistent with EEO principles
  • augment employee morale and motivation by increasing staff confidence in the equity of our human resource practices and, access to employment opportunities
  • ensure achievement of our objectives through our EEO program
  • maintain an accessible process for employees to identify concerns about behaviour in the workplace, either because the behaviour is affecting them personally, or because of its effect on others or the workplace more generally
  • maintain a procedure for dealing with any complaints of inappropriate workplace behaviour that is:
    • clear
    • easily used o understood by all staff
    • fair to everyone involved o timely
    • protective of the confidentiality of everyone involved
    • without any negative consequences for the person making a genuine complaint

Adaps endeavours to achieve standards of conduct in the workplace that are consistently high and in accordance with this policy and, ensure all its workers, incorporating contractors and employees are aware both of their obligations to their co-workers and their right to work in an environment that achieves the above objectives.


The strength of Adaps as a business depends on the diversity of the people who make up the organisation. Some of the key benefits to Adaps of having a diversity program are:

  • attraction and retention of the best. As the war for talent increases, we cannot afford to exclude any groups – we want the most talented staff from all backgrounds and groups
  • increased innovation and diversity of perspectives
  • improved client service through staff that truly represent our client base and our community


Our policy involves more than just recruiting and selecting a diversity of staff. We must also create an environment that is welcoming and sensitive to the needs of a broad variety of people. This has a number of facets:

  • affording flexibility to staff with particular obligations
  • being aware of sensitivities of particular groups
  • ensuring social events cater to the needs and interests of a diversity of staff
  • creating a culture that allows feedback of issues from people that have concerns


In order to turn our policy aims into a reality, we:

  • have specific, measurable targets for our staff composition, with deadlines
  • report on the diversity of our internal staff and of our contractors, to include:
    • details on diversity at each level of management and in each section of the business – focusing in particular on age, gender, family responsibilities, race, nationality, nation of origin and ethnicity
    • an Adaps organisational chart
    • measures taken, since the previous report, to improve inclusiveness, support, retention and attraction of diverse staff
  • include information about diversity in our induction and support this with regular training (at least annually)
  • adapt our HR practices in the following areas:
    • selection and recruitment processes that reduce bias
    • succession Planning
    • training and Development
    • performance Appraisal
    • WHS
  • offer and encourage flexible work arrangements to every member of our organisation, supporting their work responsibilities and lifestyle – in particular, we will seek to understand and give consideration to the needs of people with family responsibilities, religious obligations and those close to retirement who are seeking part-time or flexible work arrangements
  • be recognised outside Adaps as a clear and strong supporter of diversity


The responsibility for implementing EEO at Adaps lies with every line manager, and all workers, incorporating contractors and employees are responsible for contributing to a working environment free of discriminatory practices.

Adaps CEO and Director Operations have been appointed as responsible for the following:

  • ensuring that equal employment opportunity is implemented
  • overseeing the content and direction of the company’s equal employment opportunity programs training employees on EEO and related issues
  • keeping the senior management group up to date with legislative changes and requirements
  • reporting to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency on the company’s program under this Act.

All workers, incorporating contractors and employees are responsible for the following:

  • avoiding acting in a discriminatory or harassing manner to co-workers, customers, suppliers, clients or managers
  • advising the CEO of any issues or incidents that they consider may create discriminatory barriers in the workplace or could be harassment.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the following:-

Workplace Relations Policy
Workplace Behaviour Policy
Workplace Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Print Name: Anand Tatavarthi
Position: Chief Executive Officer

For Workplace Behaviour Procedures please contact one of the following:-

  • Internal Adaps Staff: Adaps Operations Manager
  • Adaps Contractors: cc@adaps.com.au

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