Elmo visits – and wins a TV – at the Adaps Legendary Christmas Party 2012!

Last Friday night, a sea of Red descended on Studio #3 at Crown Casino for the Adaps Legendary Christmas Party 2012!

It was fantastic to see so many people taking the time to dress up and be part of the RED theme.  Some of the notable dress ups included (in no paricular order!) a flight crew, Murray – the red Wiggle, little red riding hood, devils, she-devils, Ronald McDonald, action heroes, even Rhonda from the famous AAMI ads made an appearance!

As part of the festivities of the night, the major prizes were two massive 70 inch Widescreen LCD Colour TV’s that went to the best or most imaginative dress up of the night!

The winners were…. a box of Redhead Matches (Dan Paulet) and … Elmo (Stephanie Turnbull)

After (not that much) persuasion, we asked Stephanie to keep Elmo until her TV arrived and take a photo – so here she, or should I say, Elmo, is!

Congratulations to both Dan and Stephanie – enjoy your TVs!

Many thanks to everyone that attended – we hope you had a great night, – you can view the photos by clicking here!