Contractor Care Benefits: Your Money

No fees for our services!

The rate you negotiate is paid to you (inclusive of government statutory charges and superannuation for PAYG).

Whilst contracting with Adaps you will be covered for up to $10 million Professional Indemnity and $20 million Public Liability insurance.  We also insure our PAYG contractors for Workers Compensation, withold tax and super, and remit them to the appropriate parties for you free of charge.  (If you are operating through your own company, you will require your own Workers Compensation Policy).

Fast, reliable, fortnightly pay!

Set out for you in a detailed schedule.  We’re never made a late payment to any of our thousands of contractors, meaning less stress for you!

Direct your pay into multiple bank accounts at no charge.

Take the stress out of managing your money!

Assistance with an interest free cash advance.

Strapped for cash?  Tight cash flow?  Talk to us – we can help!  We offer salary packaging on laptops, mobile phones and PDAs to our PAYG contractors.  Provided that you use these IT tools for work, they are reimbursed to you tax free.


Why not give our Contractor Care team a call?

VIC (03) 9867 1765
NSW (02) 9253 4300


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