Adaps Sponsored Car Invited to Race at the Australian Grand Prix

Amongst final preparations for the Historic Race at Philip Island’s Classic Festival of Motorsport in March, the Adaps-sponsored “La Pantera Bianca” DeTomaso GT car has been invited to race at the Australian Grand Prix!

After 27 years in storage, Adaps are very excited to be part of the return of the ‘White Panther’ to the racetrack!

Paul Halstead, the owner of the classic vehicle (and Managing Director of Adaps), has also persuaded Larry Perkins to return to the wheel to drive the car at both the Phillip Island Historic Race AND at the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park!

The Phillip Island event involves two rolling start sprint races on the Saturday, with a 30-minute mini enduro as the feature event of the Sunday race program.  In a recent trial at Phillip Island, Larry lapped the circuit in under 1 minute 42 sec.  Paul Halstead believes that at the Classic event, Perkins will be circularing closer to 1min 30 sec.

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