Our Values

Our culture and values are underpinned by the premise that People are our business.  We actively promote a people orientated culture and have a value set that reinforces this ideal.  Our approach to retention is one that continually builds on the respect and recognition that Adaps gives its candidates.  In all dealings, we treat people with respect; not as a transaction or commodity, thereby fostering a mutual respect and willingness to partner in return.

Adaps has four core principles that guide the behaviour of its employees and the way they interact with contractors, clients and other key stakeholders:

Engage with people

Adaps recognises that recruitment is a people business. Work should be supportive and fun.

Can-do attitude

Did not start’ never won a horse race.  We embrace and reward people who give it a go and when responding to a request, we opt for ‘yes’ rather than immediately saying ‘no’.  We look for solutions, not reasons to say ‘no’.

Open and honest

We place a lot of importance on treating people with respect and we stand up for what we believe in. Our recruitment model requires us to be honest.

Innovate and improve

We embrace change and always look to improve what we do and how we do it .

We believe…

work should be fun; who wants to spend more than half your day miserable?

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