Adaps Events

Once you start working with Adaps, be it as a staff member, a client, a candidate or a contractor, you become part of the Adaps family.

Whilst Adaps staff and contractors gain access to the Adaps Club, clients and candidates don’t miss out on all the fun!  From time to time we offer incentives and promotions to the Adaps family as a whole, but most fun is the Legendary Christmas Party! In the spirit of Adaps, they are high in energy and a great deal of fun.  Our legendary parties are talked about for years, but they don’t happen overnight! With spectacular entertainment goes a great deal of planning and some amazing ideas!

Every year Adaps receives thousands of applications from candidates wanting to contract through us for our suite of Blue Chip roles. Lesser known is the increasing number of calls from contractors working through other agencies wishing to work through us because of our Legendary Events and benefits!

We are continually working towards the Adaps family having access to a range of benefits and discounts on a variety of products and services.  This  in turn, supports other businesses and brands to develop the relationships they have with their clients and customers.

Just some of the promotions run in the past have included:

•Degani Coffee Cards
•Access to Optus discounts
•Special offers from Audi….and much much more!

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