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The Interview

Adaps’ truly unique business model is only matched by the calibre of the Client Managers (recruiters) that we retain. Our Client Managers are renowned for garnering and preparing the best candidates for our premium roles.   This guide will specifically assist you in behavioural interview situations both with our Adaps Client Managers and should we reach mutual agreement, your interview with Adaps’ Client. Note, this guide is quite specific but relates to generic IT roles. Should you gain an interview with Adaps, please feel free to request the specific requirements of the role with your Client Manager.

The Traditional Interview

In this type of interview, the interviewer will run through the applicant’s resume using open-ended questions to gain more information. Many of the questions a job applicant will be asked can be anticipated beforehand, but for a list of common questions, click here.

Behavioural Event Interviewing (BEI)

During a behavioural event interview, you will be asked a series of standardised questions designed to get you to talk about how you handled certain situations in the past. With each answer, you’ll be expected to describe a specific situation from your past, and what you did and thought in that situation. The interviewer will use this information to assess your proficiency in one or more job competency areas, which may include anything from Innovation to Leadership to Problem Solving.

BEI questions may be dropped into a ‘chatty interview’ or you may be formally required to answer a set list. You can expect interviewers to have several follow up questions and probe for details that explore all aspects of a given situation or experience.

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