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There seem to be as many resume templates available as there are recruitment agencies and candidates. This is primarily because each of us likes to think we know the best way to organise information and display our skills.
As Adaps introduced IT contracting to Australia, and we still work in the Australian IT and Corporate Recruitment industry, we confidently believe that our Adaps Resume Template provides some of the best advice around.
The Resume Tips information provides details behind the philosophy of the template. While you may have honed your resume format to the ‘nth degree’, our guide gives a simple structure that maximises the ability of our Client Managers to quickly and easily extract pertinent information from your resume, for their own and for their clients’ briefs.
While we do not suggest that you follow this guide exactly, from our experience we have found that this generic resume template simplifies the process of getting your information across and moving onto an interview …

Download the Adaps Resume Template here!